Bogh Industries has very successfully solved burner and uniformity problems on customers' equipment.

Our experience has taught us that many root causes are well hidden and might be a combination of several factors. Our mechanical engineers and control engineers are able to find solutions to problems that, in some cases, are part of the original design.


Two large furnace systems had trouble staying lit with tube fired burners and backfires were common in the plant. Black smoke was observed out of the stacks at various times.

New individual burner regulators were added and new flame safeties including a revision of the PLC program to make the machine safer. The furnace now heats up faster and has eliminated all back fires in the burner tubes.

Another customer had the need of aging aluminum at 250F but the furnace/oven temperature would creep up above this temperature. One burner would flame out at low temperature during soak.

Larger fresh air intakes were installed and the control logic for the low temperature control was revised. This reduced the oven overshoot by 3F when reaching the set point temperature. The equipment can now heat treat from 250F - 1050F, +3F -2F. Overshoot on the control is now +3F or below at any temperature. The customer eliminated the need for a large age oven or transport of parts to another facility for aging. The burner problem was solved at the same time by re-adjusting the low fire settings.

A customer had been advised that new burners were needed on his equipment to make up for failing uniformity surveys and slow heat up times.

An inspection revealed that insulation was blown off in several places and damage was occurring to the outer shell of the furnace. Bogh Industries provided on site engineering and mechanical supervision of the fast track repairs. The furnace was repaired and back in operation in 8 days.