Fluid Conditioning

Initial tuning report of the machine.
Biocide injection implementation

The conditioning of quench fluid is done by filtering, biological control, and concentration control.

Bogh Industries has experience in all these areas with PAG (Poly Alkylene Glycol) quench solutions. We work closely with the major suppliers of PAG and have 15 years of experience in the best practical way of implementing and using PAG solutions in the heat treat environment. Our experience with different equipment, instruments, and proven procedures benefits our customers in the selection of the most economic way of keeping the quench solutions in spec.

The fluid is conditioned by filtering through canister filters, bag filters, or screen filters to remove impurities.

The biological control is done by using approved biocides, which is added either manually or by using biocide injection controlled by timers or PLC.

Concentration control/monitoring is done by optical instruments, which have proven extremely reliable over the years. Very little maintenance is required and the deviation from set point is normally under 0.5% in the quench.