Central Age Oven Redesign
Central Age Oven redesign and modification.
Flow modeling of quench solution with and without walls
Flow modeling of quench solution with and without walls

Bogh Industries provides consulting expertise in the following areas:

Oven Specification Writeups
Development and writeups for furnace and oven specification. These specifications are then submitted to potential suppliers and quotes are evaluated for compliance and technical merit. You, our client, will be supplied with our recommendation for the best fit for your needs.

Risk Assessment
We complete Combustion Hazard analyses (Risk Assessment) of gas trains and furnace equipment. The analyses provide a foundation for safety training and equipment modifications that bring the equipment into compliance with current codes and regulations.

We offer un-biased troubleshooting of uniformity and process problems on new and old equipment in the plants. Bogh Industries does not represent any particular component or equipment manufacturer, so you can be assured that the recommendation you get will be honest and trustworthy.

Incident Investigation
We provide incident investigation on furnaces and ovens for fire, explosion, and other failures.

Energy Savings
We redesign old equipment and build new equipment with energy savings in mind.

Cost Savings
We pass the savings to you in increased productivity, as well as reduced maintenance and consumables.

Burner Tuning and Setup
We can setup and tune your oven's burners for optimum efficiency, thereby speeding up heatup times and increasing productivity. Tuneups also help in maintaining a consistent temperature throughout.

Complete Furnace/Oven Inspections
Bogh Industries offers complete inspections to ensure that your oven or furnace is safe and working effectively. We check old equipment, new equipment, even competitor installations so you can rest assured that your equipment is safe to use.

Oven Modification Designs
Sometimes an oven needs to be modified to fit a new product. Bogh Industries will redesign and modify an existing oven to meet your needs.

We have expertise in quench flow and solutions. We also analyze best approaches to quenching your parts.

We can offer suggestions to improve throughput by utilizing better racking methods.