Cost Competitive Alternative to Car Bottom Oven

Figure 1: The figure shows the oven in the closed position.

Figure 2: The figure shows the oven open position.

Bogh Industries and American Controls and Engineering Inc. have commissioned a 46' Long x 13'-7" High x 19' Wide gantry oven for heating up to 300,000Lbs of steel dies per load. The oven was installed and commissioned in five weeks. The oven utilizes furnace construction with two heating zones and reversing airflow.

The oven is designed and built in sections with match drilled holes so the mechanical assembly took less than two weeks with two Millwrights.

The oven body moves up to 60' per minute and has four driven Demag wheels and drives for propulsion. Laser precision positioning control ensures trouble free travel and seal action.

The oven has reversing airflow to ensure even heat up of the heavy load. The initial heat up data shows parts coming up to temperature in less than 30% of the time it took in the old equipment. Energy consumption is reduced by using burners designed for air heat applications and VFD controlled exhaust blower.

Figure 3: The picture shows the oven during construction.

Control is provided by an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC. All control circuits are designed for 24V to make maintenance easier regarding compliance with Arc-Flash protection requirements when servicing the machine.

This design eliminated the need for a moving load car. The oven is very suitable for situations where large loads needs to be heat treated. Loading the parts on the insulated pad by crane or fork lift makes the operations simple.

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