Quenching of Aluminum Alloys Niels Bogh co-authored this paper on the topic of quenching aluminum alloys, published by ASM International in 2016.

Quench Tank Agitation Design using Flow Modeling Quench tank and agitation systems have been studied and analyzed in several publications. This paper will outline guidelines that were used in modeling and measuring an existing quench tank with a conventional pumping agitation system.

Taming the Wild Horse - With a new gas train and high resolution Siemens SQM control motors, Bogh industries was able to significantly improve heat up time and survey uniformity.

Practical Solutions to Energy Savings - This article describes various techniques used to cut energy use significantly in repaired and new heat treat ovens. It cites various examples and provides cost savings figures.

Heat Separation of Poly Alkylene Glycol (PAG) - Bogh Industries has commissioned our latest heat separation skid. The skid is installed and separating PAG from process solution from two drop bottom furnaces that heat treats Aluminum parts for the aerospace industry. The heat separator separates PAG from rinse water or quench solution and makes it ready for use back in the process.

Improved Burner Control on Existing Furnace - Bogh Industries has successfully updated a six burner tube fired solution heat treat furnace with new burner train and controls. The control cabinet and electrical engineering was done by American Controls and Engineering.

Large Oven Upgrade - Bogh Industries LLC have completed a modification of an existing 1991 Cure oven. The oven has a work chamber that is 40' long x 20' wide x 12'high. The oven is used for cure and aging cycles. The temperature range is 125F-500F.

Safety is Not an Accident - Niels Bogh writes about a few simple methods to improve safety around equipment and what to look out for.

Powder Cure Oven Upgrade - Bogh Industries LLC has completed a rework and upgrade of a powder cure oven located in Washington. The oven is an older panel oven installed in 1988. The oven had, over the years, experienced burnout in the burner box due to rich flame impinging the wall. Several repairs had been completed but a new repair was required.

Energy Saving and Better Heat Control - This article describes the efficiency improvements of a rebuilt oven. It explains how the original oven configuration was hindering performance and how the performance was improved to save thousands of dollars per year.

Fast Track installation and commissioning - This article shows how proper installation of a drop bottom furnace was done in only 3 days. Installation and tuning of this furnace and an age oven was finished in a timeline of 30 days in Malaysia.

Oven Extension - This article explains how an oven's capacity was increased by 20% in one week with better uniformity than before.

Quenching of heavy gauge loads - This article describes the process of quenching heavy gauge loads. It also gives some calculations and explanations.

Glycol Management - This paper describes various choices for glycol separation and the benefits of each. It also states some economic benefit from a glycol management system.

Chiller PID Loop - This diagram shows how a chiller PID is designed.

Class 9 : Flame Safeties - This powerpoint presentation instructs students on three types of flame safeties used in the industry. Bogh Industries has produced several classes and study guides for students for various pieces of equipment. Safety is the key concern for Bogh Industries and we gladly teach students about the equipment on site.

Drop Bottom Furnace Installation - Bogh Industries, LLC assembled and upgraded a drop bottom furnace originally designed by Despatch for Pyrotech. The improvements are included in the article.