About Us

Bogh Industries, LLC was started in 2003 by Niels Bogh. Niels has an extensive background in heat treatment and has managed the construction of ovens for many companies over the years. He has worked in the field since 1992 and has earned a reputation for being courteous and providing customer-oriented service and valued pricing. Due to his background and recognition in the industry, Niels has been asked to write several papers for textbooks and magazines, one being the Handbook of Aluminum: Physical metallurgy and processes by George E. Totten, D. Scott MacKenzie.

The goal of Bogh Industries is to provide excellent service, design, and manufacture of heat treat ovens and water treatment systems. We ensure that your equipment is safe, reliable, and meets all of the necessary regulations. Most of all, we want to increase your productivity by making your oven, furnace, or glycol separation process as efficient as possible.

We work with partner companies who have been specifically selected based on their dedication to product quality. We also utilize local contractors to provide home-town service at a reasonable cost. Bogh Industries believes in supporting the community of its customers and we show that by contracting locally.