Bogh Industries, LLC has experience gained from more than 45 large thermal equipment implementations throughout the US, Far East, Mexico, and many other countries. Bogh Industries can install, troubleshoot, modify and repair all major types of heat-treat equipment.

Chemical tank line design and implementation are part of our background. Fluid reclamation and water treatment is also included in our experience. Partnership with mechanical contractors and control companies makes it possible for Bogh Industries to provide a complete turnkey solution for our customers.

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Furnace/Oven Implementation

Bogh Industries is your source for the following services, including the design, implementation, and maintenance.

Furnace and Oven Calibration

Tuning and calibration is done with the most up to date software and instruments. Reports and analysis are completed with easy to understand graphs and explainations.

18 point survey of a solution heat treat furnace
The graph shows an 18 point survey of a solution heat treat furnace. Uniformity +2°F to -3°F at 850°F
Temperature control upset during door opening
This graph shows a temperature and control upset during a furnace door opening. This is used to check the PID performance.

PID tuning is documented with graphs and documents that show exact improvements and performance.

Fluid Management

Bogh Industries has experience with Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Heat Separation Reclamation of Poly Alkylene Glycol (PAG) quench. Biocide Injection/Treatment of quench systems is also part of our knowledge.

Part being dropped into quench tank

PAG heat separation equipment at customer site.